Interview with Massimiliano Scarano

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Interview with Massimiliano Scarano

Messaggioda samo79 » gio lug 18, 2013 10:57 am

This is the English version of the original italian interview with Massimiliano Scarano.

samo79 -> Hello Massimiliano, first of all thanks for giving us this interview.
Then you know, with a certain sense of pride is always nice to interview an Italian programmer!

Well at this point I would say to start with the classic ritual question, tell us a little about yourself, from what part of Italy you come from, how long you frequent the Amiga world and how you are venturing into the programming?

Massi -> Hello Samir and thanks for this interview. Greetings also to all readers.

My name is Massimiliano Scarano, I am 42, I live with my wife and doughter along the coast north of Rome, as you can see here: ... b20&zoom=7

I am an "old school" programmer, I have a university level education.
My main interests are:
- AmigaOS 4.x
- Commodore Amiga computers
- Retrocomputing

I am an Amiga programmer since 1990, I still own a Commodore Amiga 4000 and an Amiga CD32 both working.
My main system is based on a SAM440EP-FLEX @ 733 Mhz board and AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 of course.
Over the years I have developed several applications as you can see here ... e&ord=DESC

and here: ... no+Scarano

Perhaps you find something of your interest.

samo79 -> In recent years many things have changed in the Amiga world, I think especially the introduction of new platforms, different and more powerful CPUs, more or less standard hardware, so much more evolved programming.

Do you think that this "revolution" was a good, a bad .. or maybe have a little distorted the Amiga philosophy as well as we have known in the past?

Massi -> I believe that the philosophy of the Commodore Amiga is still preserved in the current Amiga systems.

samo79 -> What do you think of AmigaOS4 as such and, speaking as a programmer which tools currently available satisfy you and which ones you think are still insufficient or even lacking altogether?

Massi -> As a user, when I use AmigaOS4 I immediately get the feeling that what is there is very well done, the system responds smoothly and I always have control over the machine.
Then I realize that some applications for everyday productivity are missing and this is frustrating.

As a programmer, developing for such a legendary and revolutionary system is certainly challenging.
The SDK is overall a good standard, however a major problem is the lack / obsolescence of the code examples, so in practice you lose a lot of time experimenting or in the few forums on the web.
Conversely the Amiga community is known to be highly skilled and close in finding solutions to problems.

samo79 -> In your opinion, among the many possible features what does AmigaOS4 really miss ?
But if we want to extend the speech what is generally lacking in all Amiga-like operating systems in order to make them take a qualitative leap?

Massi -> Unfortunately, the AmigaOS4 user base is very small and new developers should also be attracted.
AmigaOS4 currently lacks adequate support for 3D graphics and multi-core cpus.

AmigaOne 500 and AmigaOne X1000 are very interesting hardware and it would be nice to have "killer applications" for these systems.

I am not into MorphOS nor into AROS, however one gets the picture of an Amiga community divided and dispersing its forces.

samo79 -> BigSister is a very interesting software, will its development be extended and continued ?

Massi -> Concerning BigSister, at the moment I got only 2 donations (!), let's say a pizza and a beer, however a new version is planned to be released in a short time.

samo79 -> Many people will surely be curious, do you have other Amiga projects for the immediate future?

Massi -> I have many ideas for possible projects, unfortunately free time is never enough and also the ongoing economic recession complicates the financing of this type of activities.

For retrogaming lovers, I planned the AmigaOS4 version of a Nintendo game from the Game & Watch serie with HD graphics.
Greetings to my friend Domenico Lattanzi who is in charge of the graphics.

New utilities for AmigaOS4 are also planned as well as support for the software already released, greetings to Frank Ruthe, who made the graphics for NetSpeedometer and BigSister.

samo79 -> Do you want to add some other considerations for our readers ? :-)

Massi -> I remind everyone that you can support my projects for AmigaOS 4.x with a PayPal donation to mscarano @ libero . it

I conclude by saying that I am looking for a job, perhaps it may be of interest to someone.

Bye everyone and ...

Only Amiga makes it possible! ;)

samo79 -> Thank you very much for your time!

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