Wayfarer v2.8 MOS

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Wayfarer v2.8 MOS

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Wayfarer: Nuovo Browser Internet per MOS basato WebKit che consente di navigare su gran parte dei Siti Web, il Browser consente anche di vedere Video da Youtube.

Wayfarer supporta Applicazioni Google Docs, Google Drive e Google Maps, o Applicazioni di Messaggistica come Whatsapp,Telegram o Discord, richiesto MorphOS 3.14 con almeno 1 GB di RAM

Wayfarer: Test Video Youtube
Wayfarer v2.8: Download

Novità Wayfarer v2.8:
Altivec code paths for a lot of WebAudio routines, optimized sin/cos computations in StereoPanner
Fast code paths for feColorMatrix (approximately 6 times faster than WebCore code)
Recompiled to fix a bug with longcalls in GCC, which caused it to miscompile the code in some cases leading to crashes
Improved the ContentDisposition header parser in WebKit
Detects expired certificates in the certificate viewer
Added a way to delete saved self-signed certificates, disabled the ability to 'trust' invalid/expired (not self signed) certificates
Fixed a regression in HTTP AUTH handling that caused downloads from password protected pages to fail
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