RNOInfoScreen v1.6

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RNOInfoScreen v1.6

Messaggioda AMIGASYSTEM » ven lug 13, 2018 4:14 pm


RNOInfoScreen: è un Front-end per OS3, OS4, MOS e WOS che permette di leggere le informazioni sui Tag inclusi gli Artwork se presenti nel file Mp3, l'applicazione consente anche la ricerca via Internet o utilizzare un'immagine esterna prelevata automaticamente dalla cartella contenente che contiene gli MP3, per le altre informazioni segue recensione autore:

RNOInfoScreen v1.6 (OS3, OS4, MOS e WOS): Download

RNOInfoScreen RNOInfoScreen works as a front-end to various music and media players by
displaying the "now playing" information with cover art images, and offers
basic media control options for the user (play, pause, next, etc.).

Why? Because I listen to music on my MorphOS computers a lot and I wanted
to have a fullscreen application to display the "now playing" information
when I'm not otherwise utilising the computer screen.

I find myself, quite often, wondering what's currently playing when I listen
to large random playlists, and my application offers this feature in an easy-
to-view way, even from some distance away, so I don't have to drag my ass
back to my computer.

Why not make it a full-blown player too? Because I'm not trying to re-invent
the wheel. Everyone has their own favourite music players and characteristics
for different needs, this program just gives you an alternative way to use

Why has it such a generic name? This way I leave my options open, in case I
expand it to display more than just music related information in the future.

- Can be used as a MorphOS blanker with the included binary file
- Hidden quit (top left if in fullscreen mode) and screen swap (top right of
screen if in fullscreen mode) by single left mouse-click on corner pixels.


- Detects the running player and gets the information from it automatically
- Supported players: Jukebox, SongPlayer, AmiNetRadio, TuneNet 2.4 or later,
AmigaAMP 2.22 or later, MPlayer (MUI), DAPlayer
- Displays information about the previous and currently playing songs
- Displays album art images, if found, from song's directory, via Internet
(Cover Art Archive), or as embedded images
- Configurable cache for downloaded images
- A clock display
- Fullscreen and windowed (sizeable) modes
- Screen blankers can be disabled
- Last.fm scrobbling support on MorphOS with the UniScrobbler script
- Can be used as a MorphOS blanker with the included binary file
- Keyboard controls for prev/pause/play/next
- Hidden volume control/display by using the up/down cursor keys, or the
middle mouse wheel
- Hidden quit (top left if in fullscreen mode) and screen swap (top right of
screen if in fullscreen mode) by single left mouse-click on corner pixels.
- ARexx support


- MorphOS 3.x, OS4, or AmigaOS 3.x
- A working ARexx environment (rexxsyslib.library installed on MorphOS)
- On a classic Amiga: high or true color RTG, KS3.0+ and plenty of RAM, but
no guarantee it will perform OK on a real machine, probably not so well.


- Copy an executable or the whole directory anywhere you want, no further
installation required
- To use as a blanker in MorphOS, copy the RNOInfoScreen.btd file to the
SYS:Classes/Blankers directory or use the provided install script.


- Start the music playback on any of the supported players and then just
launch this program
- Double-click or rcommand-f switches between fullscreen and windowed modes
- Displayed elements can be enabled and disabled from the pull-down menu
- Move the mouse around to activate the display of the player control buttons
- Volume can be controlled with the mouse wheel or from the keyboard, by
pressing the up/down cursor keys to increase/lower the system volume,
visual representation of the volume control level is shown as a range of
vertical bars in the upper left corner of the window/fullscreen. The volume
controls can be lowered/raised in greater increments, in MorphOS, by
holding down the shift key and using the volume control key/mouse options,
already explained

- Keyboard controls:
Right - Next
Left - Previous
Up - Volume up
Down - Volume down
Space - Pause
Enter - Play
Esc - Quit
Tab - Launch an external script
Immagine - AFA OS 060 - AFA OS 040 - AFA OS PPC - AROS x86 - AROS 68K - WinUAE OS 4.1 -

Amiga 4000/Cyberstorm MK II/060/Picasso RAM 6MB Kick 3.1
Amiga 1200/030 Ram 16 Mega HD 500 MB
Amiga 1200/040 Ram 32 Mega HD 500 MB
Amiga 600 HD 20 MB
Amiga 600 Doppio Kickstart 2.05-1.3
Amiga 500 Plus Doppio Kickstart 204-1.3
Amiga 500
CD32/SX-32 MK1 RAM 8 MB HD 4G
CD32 Standard
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