Winfellow V0.5.4 r1034 Released

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Winfellow V0.5.4 r1034 Released

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Winfellow: Aggiornamento dello storico Emulatore Amiga per Win

Winfellow V0.5.4 r1034: Download

Novità della versione:

Re-designed display settings to make use of modern higher resolution displays more intuitive; instead of configuring a window resolution, scaling and overscan area can be configured automatically to create a window of the optimal size and scaling factor; both can also be configured manually to arrive at frequently window sizes
support for the Direct3D 11 graphics API; this requires DirectX 11 to be installed
on Windows Vista, the platform update KB971644 should be installed, as it contains required updates to DirectX
the graphics card has to provide hardware acceleration for Direct3D
ability to save screenshots to the pictures folder (hit < Print Screen > to trigger)
support for automatic, as well as 3x and 4x scaling, which is useful for 4K/high DPI displays; for the best results, try leaving the scaling at automatic
very basic serial port/UART emulation; nothing can be connected to the serial port; this is mostly used for serial debug logging (which is active only in debug builds of WinFellow), but the port is always being emulated

Bug Fixes:

improved frame timing to present frames in a more evenly paced manner
improvements to CIA timer handling
improvements to CPU instruction timing (TAS and PEA instructions)
fixed sound volume restoration during reset of Amiga session in Amiga Forever
improved error handling for DMS floppy image extraction
fixed minor memory leaks
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